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SKCI’s Strategy Hub is your One-Stop-Shop for all your business strategy needs. You will find SKCI’s 5 Key Questions (5KQ) of Business Strategy. Work your way through from article 5KQ 1 – 5, or dip in and out as you like. A growing library of Strategy Tools are available to download in easy to use Word and Powerpoint format.

SKCI’s 5 Key Questions (5KQ) Strategy Series

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SKCI’s Downloadable Strategy Tools


Each Downloadable Strategy Tool is accompanied by a detailed how-to guide, including examples. You will have access to both Word and PowerPoint worksheets for ease of use.

Download SKCI's SWOT Analysis Strategy Tool

Download SKCI's Competitor Analysis Strategy Tool

Download SKCI's Core Competence Analysis Strategy Tool

Download SKCI's Strategy Prioritisation Matrix Strategy Tool

Download SKCI's PEST Analysis Strategy Tool

Download SKCI's Balanced Scorecard Tool

Download Kotter’s Eight Stage Change Process Tool

Download SKCI's Value Discipline Model Strategy Tool

Download SKCI's Ansoff Growth Matrix Tool

Download SKCI's Porter's Value Chain Tool

Download Porter’s Five Forces of Competition Tool

Download SKCI's Value Proposition Canvas Strategy Tool

Download SKCI's BCG Growth Share Matrix

Download SKCI's Competitor Positioning Matrix Tool

Download Porter’s Generic Strategies Tool

Client Testimonials

In working with SKCI our key goal was to raise investment for the company, Stephen has been critical to that project and we now have our first stage of funding in the bank. SKCI supported Turnkey during the investment process by reviewing corporate governance, managing the discussions with the potential investors and developing a valuation model for the business. Following this investment, we have asked Stephen to join the board of Turnkey where he is helping us to develop the business further.



Tony Wines

Founder & CEO, Turnkey Group

As CEO of a small but growing company, it is essential to have around you the experience needed to guide you through the risks and opportunities that you encounter. Stephen Kirk has been there for me, the Board and Management Team at The Planet Mark, mentoring us individually and providing vital additional expertise and resource for us to rapidly and safely grow the business.  It’s so important to have that support there, on tap. But his support goes beyond his direct experience, it is also his calmness and humour that makes the whole process productive, rewarding and enjoyable.  And that makes all the difference.

Steve Malkin

CEO, The Planet First

Latest Insight from SKCI

Striking Balance for Success: How Slowing Down Can Lead to Better Productivity

Striking Balance for Success: How Slowing Down Can Lead to Better Productivity

​Many successful business people identify with being a ‘Type A’ personality, which we colloquially agree means ambitious, action oriented, goal driven and tenacious. This often translates to a full schedule and a long To Do List with big goals to achieve. However, we are all limited by the time and energy we have available to succeed, so it’s useful to develop strategies to maximise productivity.

From Board to Business: How Sustainability Drives a Transformative Business Model

From Board to Business: How Sustainability Drives a Transformative Business Model

It seems that climate change is rarely out of the news these days; jostling for top-spot with COVID, Brexit and US politics. Yet, in SKCI’s experience, the Directors of many companies are still struggling to define a clear strategy for sustainability and climate change. Smaller companies are often doing little whilst it is easy for larger companies to focus on the legal requirements…

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