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ESG Strategy Development

You know you need to take action on ESG and your business, but you’re not sure where to start; we can help with a ‘light touch’ approach all the way up to a full ESG management service

The 3 Key Elements of SKCI’s ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) Strategy Development Service


SKCI’s experienced consultants work with your stakeholders to create a comprehensive ESG Strategy which is in alignment with your business growth goals.


SKCI’s expert sustainability team will support your organisation to put your ESG Strategy into action; we can take on the entire project for you or guide your stakeholders through the process.


Your ESG strategy is an important part of your business and brand, therefore SKCI will help you to communicate your ESG plans, actions and wins to your team and your audience.

What are the benefits of working with SKCI?

    • You know you need to take action around ESG in your business, but you’re not sure where to start; we can help with anything from a ‘light touch’ approach up to a full ESG management service
    • You don’t have the relevant capacity or knowledge in-house, SKCI can provide the sustainability expertise and support for as long as you need it
    • There is no ‘one-size-fits-all-strategy’, SKCI will tailor the ESG Strategy service to your needs to ensure that together we achieve the required KPIs and targets 
    • Your business goals and growth will remain front and centre, your ESG Strategy will be developed to support and align with your overall company strategy
    • Whether you are bound by regulation or industry pressure to take action in your business to mitigate climate change, action must be taken now

What is involved in SKCI’s ESG Strategy process?

ESG Strategy Workshop

The aim of the workshop is to define the objectives and scope of the organisation’s sustainability activities, and to create a Project Plan to achieve the goals and KPIs.

The workshop is structured to address the major sustainability questions, including:

    • How does your ESG (Environmental Social and Governance) Strategy align with your overall company strategy, including your Mission and Purpose?
    • What are the advantages and disadvantages of committing to Net Zero?
    • What customer / other stakeholder pressure are we experiencing, or do we foresee?
    • What do we see as the business benefits of addressing ESG / sustainability?
    • How do we address emissions outside of our direct control (i.e. Scope 3 emissions)?
    • What regulatory requirements do we need to address now (e.g. SECR) and what to expect in the future?

Following the workshop, your team will have a good understanding of benefits and challenges associated with addressing sustainability. SKCI will produce a project report which will include a road map tailored to the needs of your organisation.






ESG Project Implementation

Following on from the ESG Strategy Workshop, SKCI can provide a full range of tailored sustainability support services, the content of which will vary dramatically depending on:

  1. what is discovered in the ESG Strategy Workshop, and; 
  2. your desire and ability to manage the sustainability activities in house. 

Light Touch ESG Support

A light touch or minimum support may include providing expertise and assistance to your sustainability and ESG activity stakeholders in the form of a written project plan, road map, a KPI calendar, an ESG Strategy checklist and monthly project update meetings.

Full ESG Management

SKCI offers a complete service to manage all aspects of your sustainability and ESG, including:


    • the establishment of a governance process (typically reporting to the board)


    • the development of a complete ESG strategy


    • obtaining carbon and other data


    • carbon footprint calculation


    • running workshops and other internal engagement activities


    • the management of any third-party certification


    • production of sustainability reports for use by the organisation and its stakeholders


    • internal and external communication

Industries we have worked with…

Professional Services

Real Estate




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