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Development of Senior Leadership Teams

We have the skills and experience to reach the ultimate goal of enabling your leaders to become a “high performance team”.

For high growth companies, the challenges facing the senior leadership team are often exacerbated by the speed of change and the need for the business to be both innovative and disruptive.

Never has there been a greater need for the famous, but elusive, “high performance team”.

Challenges faced by Senior Leadership Teams:

The pace of change in high growth companies can put great pressure on the leadership team and sometimes this means they are more like a collection of individuals than a cohesive team. This can lead to problems such as:

  • poor decisions
  • wasted effort and resources
  • a corrosive culture… poor relationships and rivalries at senior level can cascade down through the organisation, leading to bad behaviours elsewhere

As companies grow, the skills of individuals in the teams do not always align with the new needs of the business.

We often see that senior people are so busy working “in the business” that they do not have time to “work on the business” and forget about the need to be innovative and disruptive…. Often the very challenges that motivated them in the first place!

Benefits of Working with SKCI to Develop your Senior Leadership Team:

SKCI’s consultants have extensive experience operating in high growth businesses, so we understand the problems faced by your leadership team.

We have the skills and the experience to help your team develop in the best way for your business, ensuring that there is trust between team members and helping you to create the right culture at all levels of the company.

The ultimate goal is to enable your leaders to become a “high performance team”;

  • happy to trust each other
  • willing to engage in constructive conflict over ideas
  • committing to decisions
  • holding each other accountable
  • focussed on achieving the desired results

How is this service delivered in your company?

The development of senior leadership teams is inevitably a tailored service and often forms part of wider strategy review and implementation project.

Where appropriate, we use technology to assist in the process, but we combine this with the best of the current thinking in team development.

As with our other services, we start by listening carefully to your needs. This need analysis typically includes structured interviews with staff, attending leadership team meetings, staff surveys and an analysis of any existing indicators (e.g. staff satisfaction surveys and business performance against it defined goals).

We then recommend specific strategies that are appropriate within the environment of a high growth business. These strategies may include:

  • definition and implementation of a culture for the company and the senior leadership team
  • ensuring the leadership team contains an appropriate balance of roles and people
  • people’s responsibilities are clearly defined
  • working with the team members to help them develop trust and embed a culture of accountability

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