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Corporate Governance & Board Support

We understand that time is of the essence and we are able to move quickly to help you implement effective corporate governance in a timely manner.

But the pace of activity in high growth companies sometimes means the leadership team overlooks the importance of appropriate corporate governance (especially the need for an effective Board of Directors).

We believe that effective corporate governance is a key enabler of business success, so we work with companies of all sizes to ensure they have appropriate governance in place.

Challenges faced by organisations:

The absence of an effective Board may be acceptable in the early stages of the business; but external investors will want to see appropriate checks and balances in place when they invest.

However, many leaders of high growth companies do not understand how to develop an effective board and have difficulty in maintaining the discipline of separating the roles of shareholders, directors and management.

For companies that have been operating an independent board for some time, a review of board effectiveness often reveals that it is not operating as it should do… this can especially be an issue where there is domain CEO or Founder.

Benefits of SKCI’s Board Support & Corporate Governance service:​

  • SKCI’s consultants have experience of a range of sizes of business, so we have the knowledge to tailor our recommendation to your company’s needs.
  • Finding the right structure is particularly important for high growth businesses where applying the governance systems from a multi-national could stop the business in its tracks; equally larger organisations will require more structure including a range of board committees.
  • Balancing the needs and interests of shareholders from management and customers through to suppliers, financiers, government and the community isn’t a simple task. We help you to put the right processes in place to ensure successful outcomes.
  • We understand that time is of the essence and we are able to move quickly to help you implement effective corporate governance in a timely manner.

How does SKCI deliver Corporate Governance & Board Support for your company?​

A project will often start with a review of board effectiveness. Once this has been completed, we work with the relevant people (generally the CEO or the shareholders) to develop a Corporate Governance Development Plan with an agreed timetable and deliverables.

The range of services in the Corporate Governance Development Plan includes:

  • Review of the board composition and effectiveness.
  • Review of the adequacy of company secretarial activities.
  • Defining the appropriate separation of roles and responsibilities for shareholders, directors, management and other stakeholders.
  • Where applicable, we can supply an interim board Chair or Non-Executive Directors.
  • Assisting shareholders and board members to source suitable permanent candidates for board positions (including Non-Executive Director or and Board Chairman).
  • Balancing the needs and interests of shareholders, from management and customers through to suppliers, financiers, government and the community isn’t a simple task. We help you to put the right processes in place to ensure successful outcomes.

In offering this service, we find that a good starting point for discussion is the ecoDa document “Corporate Governance Guidance and Principles for Unlisted Companies: in Europe” which lists a number of principles plus guidance on how they can be applied.

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