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Developing a sustainable business strategy for companies in the sustainability industry involves incorporating principles of environmental, social, and economic sustainability into every aspect of the organisation. At SKCI we have a huge amount of experience supporting green businesses to grow rapidly, double revenue year on year and create sustainable leadership and governance to support this growth. 

We tailor our projects to our client’s needs, be they short or long term, below are some of the specific services we offer to support sustainable growth.

Angel Investing in Tech and Sustainability

Our CEO and founder, Stephen Kirk, is a seasoned Angel Investor supporting high-growth companies, particularly those in the tech and sustainability sectors. 

Are you an angel investor looking to make impactful investments in high-growth sectors? If so SKCI can act as the lead investor to a group of angels, offering unparalleled expertise and opportunities. Our rigorous analysis and hands-on approach reduce risks and enhance the potential for high returns. 

Marketing Strategy for Sustainable Growth

At SKCI, we understand that the world is changing rapidly, and sustainable practices are no longer just a trend but a necessity.

Our team of experienced consultants specialise in creating customized marketing strategies that align with your business goals, while also promoting environmental and social responsibility.

Scaling A Sustainable Business

At SKCI, we believe in fostering a greener, more resilient tomorrow. We’re here to power your sustainable business, guiding your growth and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in a planet-first economy.

From start-ups to established enterprises, we partner with eco-conscious organizations, providing them the strategic insights, practical expertise, and tailored solutions they need to scale responsibly.

Fundraising for Sustainable Businesses

Welcome to SKCI, your partners in navigating the complex world of business investment fundraising. Leveraging years of industry experience, we guide enterprises, start-ups, and entrepreneurs through each step of their fundraising journey.

Whether you’re a fledgling start-up looking for seed funding or an established company planning a Series C round, our unparalleled insights and strategic advice help you secure the capital you need to fuel your growth.

We tailor our projects to our client’s needs, be they short or long term, below are some of the specific services we offer to support sustainable growth.

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Client Testimonials

In working with SKCI our key goal was to raise investment for the company, Stephen has been critical to that project and we now have our first stage of funding in the bank. SKCI supported Turnkey during the investment process by reviewing corporate governance, managing the discussions with the potential investors and developing a valuation model for the business. Following this investment, we have asked Stephen to join the board of Turnkey where he is helping us to develop the business further.



Tony Wines

Founder & CEO, Turnkey Group

As CEO of a small but growing company, it is essential to have around you the experience needed to guide you through the risks and opportunities that you encounter. Stephen Kirk has been there for me, the Board and Management Team at The Planet Mark, mentoring us individually and providing vital additional expertise and resource for us to rapidly and safely grow the business.  It’s so important to have that support there, on tap. But his support goes beyond his direct experience, it is also his calmness and humour that makes the whole process productive, rewarding and enjoyable.  And that makes all the difference.

Steve Malkin

CEO, The Planet First

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