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Event: How ESG Strategy Drives Business Growth

ESG and Business Digitalization

An unmissable Virtual Live Event bringing together 3 expert CEOs with decades of experience in Sustainability, ESG and Business.

As COP26 draws ever closer, businesses need to look at how they can build on the impetus towards Net Zero.

Learn from industry experts & global leaders about how to leverage your ESG Strategy to build a successful & sustainable brand that attracts customers.

Leverage ESG to drive growth in revenue, profitability and increase the value of your organisation.

Join us on Thursday 11th November for this live, virtual event hosted by:

  • Stephen Kirk, CEO & Founder of SKCI – boutique ESG & Business Consultancy
  • Steve Malkin, CEO of Planet Mark – Sustainability Certification Company
  • Tony Wines, CEO and Founder of Turnkey – ESG Software Provider

Find out how to leverage your ESG strategy to increase both revenue and company value.

Event Details:

What you can expect:

  • An incredible opportunity to access some of the ESG & Sustainability industry’s most entrepreneurial leaders 
  • What COP26 and the move towards ‘Net Zero’ is likely to mean for your business
  • Why all business needs an appropriate ESG and Net Zero strategy
  • Real world examples of how companies are implementing their Net Zero strategies and building on their Net Zero commitments to challenge established business practices and become more successful
  • Deep insight into creating success in business by utilising your commitment to a sustainable future – your sustainability strategy can be leveraged to reduce your costs and increase your revenue & company value
  • A live, interactive event where discussion is encouraged and your questions will be answered


Stephen Kirk is the Founder and CEO of SKCI. SKCI is a boutique consultancy specialising in advising companies on ESG & Business Strategy to drive sustainable growth. Previous experience has included building and selling a successful Technology Test & Certification business and running a $350 million technology business for UL (Underwriters Laboratories). Stephen has specific experience and expertise in developing growth strategies that address ESG, climate change and sustainability.


Steve Malkin is the Founder and CEO of Planet Mark, a sustainability certification that recognises continuous improvement, encourages action and builds an empowered community of like-minded individuals who make a world of difference.  Steve has also supported and provided advice to the leaders of listed and large private companies on how they can contribute to the low carbon transition as well as inspire and unlock the passion of their employees to support the Net Zero journey.


Tony Wines is the Founder and CEO of Turnkey. Tony established Turnkey as a leading Operational Sustainability & Supply Chain Risk SaaS Platform with a global network of users and sites. Tony has over 25 years’ experience in the industry. Turnkey’s mission is to transform the complex sustainability sector with dynamic data technology that transforms reporting, increases valuation and client brand credibility through enriched and accurate real time data.


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