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SKCI & Turnkey Case Study

SKCI lead the way for Turnkey to win a successful £2.5 million investment round


Turnkey is a global sustainability and ESG software business, proving Software As A Service (SaaS). The objective of Turnkey’s software is to assist companies in measuring their ESG data, evaluating their environmental and social influence, providing them with the information necessary to drive essential and positive changes.

Established in 2015, Turnkey has since collaborated with numerous companies worldwide, specialising in the financial, supply chain and corporate sectors.


Turnkey needed support and guidance to grow the organisation and raise investment for the company. SKCI offered a huge wealth of business and industry experience, which meant it was an excellent partner to ensure a robust and sustainable growth plan.

In employing SKCI, Turnkey recognised the importance of addressing governance concerns, which are often overlooked in fast growing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Starting out as a self-funded company, Turnkey believed that SKCI would be instrumental in helping their business grow.


SKCI worked with Turnkey to ensure the company was structured, with the right systems and processes, in a way that enabled and supported rapid growth.

The leadership team and the board are crucial factors in the success of all businesses, however especially so for fast-growing SMEs where the nature of each senior role is constantly evolving. SKCI worked closely with the CEO and leadership team to provide mentorship and hands-on business advice.

Some of the ways in which SKCI supported Turnkey’s growth are:

  • Supported the development of a comprehensive financial model which was instrumental in helping Turnkey raise investment.
  • Hands-on support during the challenging process of fundraising and providing valuable assistance in navigating complex finance raising activities.
  • Provided personalised and grounded mentorship to Turnkey’s senior leadership team to enable them to make informed decisions, in line with business growth needs.
  • Created a platform to facilitate unbiased input for Turnkey’s strategic planning, which is often difficult to achieve in small start-ups.
  • Identified opportunities for improvement in systems and processes across the organisation.


With the support of SKCI, Turnkey was successful in raising £2.5m to support rapid, global business growth and the team has more than doubled in size.

SKCI and the CEO Stephen Kirk’s own experiences are incredibly valuable, which gives them a lot of credibility and it helps us to understand what we should do better.

A lot of it is experience and the comfort that the SKCI consultants are talking from a position of deep business knowledge and industry experience.

Tony Wines

CEO, Turnkey

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