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SKCI & Planet Mark Case Study

SKCI helped to facilitate Planet Mark’s impressive business growth from 30 to over 700 customers


Planet Mark is a leading sustainability certification provider for organisations and the built environment, empowering their customers to achieve sustainability goals.

With over a decade of expertise, Planet Mark works with enterprises to dramatically reduce carbon emissions, optimise operations, increase revenues and contribute to the global shift toward net zero emissions.


Planet Mark was in a high growth start-up phase when it started working with SKCI. The leadership team needed support from a team with first-hand knowledge of building successful businesses at pace – to ensure the systems, processes and governance were in place to support rapid growth.

Planet Mark reached out to SKCI because they acknowledged the valuable expertise and solutions that Stephen Kirk (SKCI’s CEO) and the SKCI team could offer. It was clear that Stephen and his team possessed knowledge and resources that Planet Mark may not have had access to and they sought SKCI’s assistance to address those gaps.


To grow Planet Mark into a competitive brand, important areas had to be reviewed and implemented by SKCI:

  • Ensure Planet Mark has the right systems and processes in place to enable sustainable growth.
  • Establish the frameworks around governance to support effective decision making for rapid business growth.
  • Help Planet Mark’s departmental teams to “horizon scan” more effectively, so as to anticipate market trends in the development of new products & services.
  • Provide mentorship to Planet Mark’s leadership team and give them the confidence to challenge the status quo.
  • Support the CEO in his journey from start up to running a significant and complex business.
  • Provide consistent support to enable the company to move smoothly through the transformation and growth phase.


  • Business expansion from a team of 5 to a team of 65 people.
  • Operational transformation overseeing the handling of tens of thousands of pounds to managing millions.
  • Planet Mark saw an upwards trend from 30 customers to over 700.

The world of sustainability and ESG was very different in 2013 when we launched Planet Mark. We felt sure we had products and services that delivered impact for the planet and value to businesses. However, our early years were challenging. I’m personally grateful and indebted for the support and guidance of Stephen and his team. We have stuck to our values, delivered impact at scale and are supporting hundreds of organisations on their net zero journeys.

We wouldn’t have achieved this without his help.

Steve Malkin

CEO, Planet Mark

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