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Angel Investing in Tech and Sustainability

SKCI is dedicated to fostering innovation and growth in the sectors that shape our future.

Our CEO and founder, Stephen Kirk, is a seasoned Angel Investor supporting high-growth companies, particularly those in the tech and sustainability sectors. Our mission is to help visionary entrepreneurs and forward-thinking businesses achieve their full potential while driving positive change.

Why Choose SKCI as your Angel Investor?


Expertise in High-Growth Markets

SKCI has a proven track record of identifying and nurturing high-growth companies. Our extensive experience in consultancy and advisory services provides us with the unique insights needed to recognise potential and strategically invest in the most promising tech and sustainability ventures.

Targeted and Strategic Investments

We specialise in making targeted, strategic investments that not only provide capital but also bring valuable resources, mentorship, and networks to the table. Our approach ensures that our investee companies receive the support they need to scale effectively and sustainably.

Commitment to Sustainability

We believe in the power of sustainable business practices to create long-term value. Our focus on sustainability means we are particularly interested in companies that are not only innovative but also committed to making a positive impact on the environment and society.

Partner with SKCI as an Angel Investor

Are you an angel investor looking to make impactful investments in high-growth sectors? If so SKCI can act as the lead investor to a group of angels, offering unparalleled expertise and opportunities. Our rigorous analysis and hands-on approach reduce risks and enhance the potential for high returns. By partnering with us, investors can be confident in the strategic value and growth potential of their investments.

Strategy Hub

SKCI’s Strategy Hub is your One-Stop-Shop for all your business strategy needs. You will find SKCI’s 5 Key Questions (5KQ) of Business Strategy. Work your way through from article 5KQ 1 – 5, or dip in and out as you like. A growing library of Strategy Tools are available to download in easy to use Word and Powerpoint format.

Core Competence Analysis – SKCI Business Strategy Tool

Core Competence Analysis – SKCI Business Strategy Tool

Core Competence Analysis – SKCI Business Strategy ToolBackground Core Competence Analysis is an essential part of strategy development as it sheds light on the skills and strategic assets an organisation has or might need to gain for successful growth. There are...

Competitor Positioning Matrix – SKCI Business Strategy Tool

Competitor Positioning Matrix – SKCI Business Strategy Tool

Competitor Positioning Matrix– SKCI Business Strategy ToolBackground  The Competitor Position Matrix was developed by the technology consulting firm Gartner and is sometimes known as the Gartner Magic Quadrant. The function of the Matrix is to compare the market...

Porter’s Value Chain – SKCI Business Strategy Tool

Porter’s Value Chain – SKCI Business Strategy Tool

Porter's Value Chain – SKCI Business Strategy ToolBackground Michael Porter designed a strategic chart to identify where the value is added into the organisation. The concept of Value Chain involves all aspects of the operational activities from sourcing of raw...

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